24-Hour Emergency Locksmith in Cardiff

Since 2009, Curley Locks, locksmiths in Cardiff, has grown from strength to strength - through word of mouth, customer recommendations and repeat business. Curley Locks was founded by Simon Curley on the philosophy of doing the job correctly the first time at an affordable price, and with excellent customer service. As a result of the quality services we provided, we are currently one of the most reviewed locksmiths in the UK.

Curley Locks locksmiths Cardiff serve both domestic and commercial customers within a 50-mile radius of Cardiff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no call out fees or hidden charges. We are trusted by households, local businesses, local authorities, charities and utility companies to provide locksmith services that are of the highest quality and value.

Customer satisfaction is always top of our list, and we understand that in an emergency it's crucial we get to you as soon as humanly possible - so we always prioritise emergency calls and keep you informed of our time of arrival. Emergency attendances are rarely over half hour and usually within 15 minutes or less. Our record response time was 3 minutes!

Feeling safe in the knowledge you have the correct locks fitted to your property will provide peaceof mind that you are secure. By complying with your insurer's requirements and taking correct precautions, you greatly reduce the chance of becoming a victim of burglary or crime.

Not sure if your locks comply to your insurer's requirements? Call today and book a free security survey/risk assessment for your peace of mind.

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New Home Owners

Do you know how many people have keys for your property? After buying a new home you may think it is an unnecessary expense to pay for new locks, but it is essential. The cost of having good locks fitted to your property is far less than that of having to replace your possessions. Fitting insurance approved locks drastically reduces your chances of being a victim of crime.

Simon Curley understands the trauma suffered by victims of crime and offers his expertise and experience to greatly reduce YOUR risk, but if you are a victim of a crime, Simon will assess future risk and advise you on the steps necessary to reduce the risks of a crime happening to you again. Simon has had a great deal of experience in helping victims recover and will offer compassionate understanding as well as practical advice.

Curley Locks can provide the servicing and installation of Chubb locks and the top brand security systems. Curley Locks can also provide a mobile key cutting service to the whole South Wales area and also are available for emergenct call out 24/7 with no call out fee. All services include Sundays. Curley Locks are CRB certified (CRB = Criminal Records Bureau). You are safer with Curley Locks so feel safe now by phoning: 02920 814184 or 07814 814184.

Friendly tips to help you choose the right locksmith

Don't get caught out by local numbers
Just because it's local, doesn't mean that they really are local. They could be using an easily-obtainable area number that connects to elsewhere. This may give a false portrayal of how soon they can respond to calls.
Always ask for a cost estimation
Sometimes prices do not include VAT and there may be additional call out charges. Curley Locks always provides concise estimations of charges, including VAT.
Ask if they're able to open your door without causing damage
Curley Locks employs methods that reduce damage done to locks where possible. When choosing a locksmith, it's recommended to always ask if their service will cause minimal damage - if any.
Enquire about arrival time
Enquire about arrival time, especially in emergency situations. Also ask if they will inform you if they're delay or are expecting delays. Some locksmiths exaggerate their response times to attract customers.
Ask if they carry identification and will be arriving in a signed vehicle
In an industry where security is paramount, a locksmith should be someone who you trust. Curley Locks is police checked and we take your security very seriously. Just like most people, we also have family and possessions that we would like to keep safe. With this in mind, we try out best to keep yours safe with quality locks and a professional, friendly service on a human level.