What to Do If a Door Key Snaps in the Lock

You’ve just got home from a long day’s work and dug your keys out. Filled with excitement, you put the keys into the lock and you hear the dreaded snap – half of your key is stuck in the lock. Panic starts to set in as you think of ways to get into the house. Eventually, you decide it’s time to try and remove the snapped key. There are many ways you can do this, and your chosen tactic will depend on the situation. If you are unable to remove the snapped key, stay calm and get in touch with a 24 hour locksmith.

Why Do Keys Snap in Locks?

House keys get used daily, which brings wear and tear like any other item. Over time, constant lock turning applies pressure to weak parts of a key and internal pins, which leads to snapped keys. The best way to delay this is by regular lubrication of the locking mechanism.

Outside of wear and tear, the metal your key is made with might be the reason. The majority of keys are made of nickel or brass, which are weaker metals susceptible to strain. Additionally, when the weather is cold, the key can become brittle and snap. Having a key snap inside the lock can be traumatic, but the best thing to do is call an emergency locksmith Cardiff.

Avoid Using the Key

If half of your key is stuck in the lock, your brain will likely say “If I put the other half in, the lock will turn and I’ll be inside the house”, but this isn’t the wisest move. The only thing you will achieve by attempting to use your key is pushing the other half further inside. For the following removal methods to work, the key needs to be as shallow as possible.

If you observe the key and it’s already in too deep, it’s time to quit before you begin and leave it to a Cardiff Locksmiths. As well as Cardiff, you will find services for locksmith Caerphilly, locksmith Pontypridd, and locksmith Penarth.

How to Remove a Snapped Key

There are many ways to remove a snapped key, but it will depend on what we have on us. For example, if you’ve got tweezers in your bag, you can attempt to pull the key out. Alternatively, you can try tapping on the cylinder or using super glue (if the key is hanging out of the lock). Failing these methods, you can try using any of the following objects in your pockets:

  • Button pin
  • Safety pin
  • Paper clip
  • Hair clip/grip
  • Swiss army knife

If you’re unable to remove the key from the lock using anything outlined above, you’re best off contacting a Cardiff locksmith, which will remove the key or replace the lock if need be.

There’s nothing worse than being locked out after a long day, especially if your key snaps inside the lock. Instead of pushing the key in further by joining the two halves together, attempt to pull it out with objects from your pocket. Failing that, call in an expert locksmith in Cardiff.