Why Should You Replace Your Locks on Your New Home?

Moving into a new home is a stressful and taxing affair, and there are tons of little details that can easily slip your mind. One thing that is crucial after purchasing a new home is making sure you change your locks and your local locksmith in Cardiff can help you with that.

Your safety as well as the safety of your loved ones should always be your number one priority, especially in the comfort of your own home. When you leave the existing locks on your doors there is no way of knowing for sure how many copies of the keys have been made, how many people are currently in possession of those keys, or what their intentions may be. 

Changing your locks may seem like a simple task but believe us when we tell you that hiring a locksmith in Cardiff is the way to go. 


Why Should You Hire a Locksmith?

You need to change your locks on your new home. You know they sell them at the local hardware stores, and it appears easy enough to do on your own. So, why should you hire somebody to install them for you?

The simple answer to this question is that your local Cardiff locksmith is specially trained in their craft and will ensure that the work gets done properly. They will be able to recognise any lock deficiencies that may exist and fix any problems that you may face if you were to install the locks yourself. Locksmiths are constantly learning and evolving as technology advances, and they will always be up-to-date on the most current types of locks that you will find for your doors. 

We live in a rapidly changing world, and it is impossible to stay on top of everything, that is why your local Cardiff locksmith is the way to go. 

While purchasing and moving into a new home is a costly endeavor, it is difficult to put a price tag on the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Still, it is normal to be curious about the costs and what factors may come into play when hiring a locksmith. 

Let’s talk about these. 


Price Factors When Hiring a Cardiff Locksmith

You bought a new home, congratulations!

You are about to start a whole new journey and make tons of new memories along the way. We know this experience has likely been or is currently making your pockets fairly light, so we want to ensure you that when hiring your local Cardiff locksmith you are getting excellent services at a great price. 

After moving into a new home it is only natural to want to save as much money as you can for a while, moving is a huge expenditure afterall. There are some factors that may come into play when figuring out the cost of hiring your locksmith. 

1. Number of locks to be replaced

It goes without saying that when you are having your locks replaced, it is crucial to make sure that every lock on the exterior of the home is replaced. Of course, the number of locks will play a role in the overall cost.

2.Door modifications

If the locks you have chosen require modifications to be made to the door frame, there will be extra costs involved for time and labour.

3.Purchasing locks

You may choose to purchase and supply your own locks, but if you decide to have your local Cardiff locksmith supply the new locks there will be an added expense. 

4.Complexity of the lock

There are many different types of locks available currently and each come with their own installation techniques, some more complex than others. The overall complexity of the lock installation will make a difference in the cost considering the labour and the types of materials that will be used.

It seems like the costs just keep adding up when you are settling into your new home but remember, these costs are not something you will need to worry about every day and your number one locksmiths in Cardiff want you to feel comfortable, happy and safe in your new home.